Most of the work Colin does is commissioned to fulfill a specific remit. This is sometimes because the client is looking for something unique that will be a feature in their home, sometimes to fulfill a specific need and sometimes just as a special treat or gift.

Commissioning a piece isn’t complicated and doesn’t necessarily need to be expensive.  The process usually starts with a chat about ideas – what the piece needs to do, where it will live, choice of wood and rough budget ideas. This may include a visit to see the space that the furniture will occupy and what it will share the space with.

After this, Colin produces sketches for discussion with the client. This usually has several iterations and may take a few days or could take place over a period of months – many projects benefit from a long period of contemplation!

When everyone is happy with the design, making can begin. This usually takes several weeks during which time the client is more than welcome to visit the workshop to review progress.

The gallery provides examples of previous commissions and a will serve as a source of inspiration for future projects. Do get in touch with Colin if you want to know more!

A quick word on your personal data. We do not send out unsolicited email. Client data is limited to that volunteered during the process of investigating a commission. This will be held in a secure client database for the sole purpose of discussing the commission. If you want to discuss this further or have details removed, please get in touch via the contact page. See Privacy Policy for more details

Console Table